Have you ever wondered how Jeff Goldblum looks like Jeff Goldblum? You're in luck. Thanks to this amazing new commercial for GE lighting, of all things, [Ed. note: directed by Tim & Eric] we now know Goldblum's secret. He's just so handsome because he's lit so well. And you can look this good too, or make your husband/boyfriend/significant other/rando you take home from the bar look as good as the Blum if you invest in some smart lighting.

We do not have enough awesome commercials -- maybe if we had Jeff Goldblum selling us more things, we'd be paying attention. Specifically, maybe if we had shirtless Jeff Goldblum IN A HOT TUB selling us cereal and TVs and feminine products and prescription medications and Life Alert, maybe we'd stop using commercial breaks as an excuse to go to the bathroom or make a snack or fast forward through our DVR.

Seriously, look at that glorious hair. If only more people looked like Jeff Goldblum. GE is onto something here. They know what's up. Jeff Goldblum is sex appeal 101. Someone was very smart to jump on that and take credit for his genetic make-up. And you know that someone just got a huge raise.

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