If you took a straw poll among movie fans and asked them who their favorite Avenger is, chances are strong that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye would rank last. Not that it's Renner's fault -- he was essentially a supporting character in the first film (under hypnosis by Loki for the majority of that time) and really hasn't had a chance to really show off his superhero skills yet. However, his smaller shadow on the Marvel cinematic universe has led to much discussion about his character moving forward. Namely, will Hawkeye even live to see the closing credits of 'Avengers 2'? After all, writer/director Joss Whedon does like to kill off his characters.

Potential spoilers lurk ahead. Be careful!

In an interview with Larry King, Renner is asked off-handedly if he bites the bullet in the upcoming Marvel sequel and he actually gives a definitive answer. And, spoiler alert once again, that answer is a very clear no.

No no no. [Laughs] No, they want to keep you around for a while.

It's obvious King isn't aware of the already-pending geek discussion about the fate of the cinematic Hawkeye and he's just being flippant, but Renner's answer may put the rumors to rest for the time being. May. After all, Renner could be lying, as Marvel and its minions/actors/creative-types are wont to do (after all, what's he going to do, say, "Yes, I'm dead!"). Heck, those rumors about Hawkeye popping up in 'Captain America 3' could be part of an elaborate ruse to convince us that he won't die when he will die!

In any case, Hawkeye will most certainly play a significantly larger role in 'Avengers 2.' And he won't die. Maybe. Who knows?

Ah, the joys of superhero movie news!