For the next Star Wars spinoff, Lucasfilm is bringing on another composer new to the franchise. While the majority of Star Wars movies have been blessed by the hand of John Williams, it looks like those movies not in the main series will get music from someone new — Rogue One was the first to make this departure with Michael Giacchino (who took over for Alexandre Desplat), and the Han Solo movie will get a soundtrack from none other than John Powell.

Lucasfilm announced the very cool news on Wednesday. Powell is another of those composers who have been in the game for ages. His most recognizable work are his scores for the Bourne movies, though I’d argue his best is How to Train Your Dragon, and he also did work on the Happy Feet movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Face/Off.

John Williams can hardly be expected to score all of the upcoming Star Wars movies — he just had to give up one Spielberg film for another. It’s also cool that the franchise is bringing in some new folks to add their own spin on recognizable themes. Though, let’s hope that Powell’s work for Han Solo isn’t as derivative as Giacchino’s for Rogue One — to be fair, Powell will have plenty more time, as Giacchino came in at the last minute last fall to compose and record an entire movie’s score in just a couple of months. Powell is a real talent, and I, for one, am really excited to hear his take on a rousing Han Solo theme.

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