It seemed as though Lionsgate was finished revealing the full cast list for John Wick 2, which includes several returning stars (like Ian McShane) and a few new faces (like Common). But the highly-anticipated action sequel still has a few surprises up its sleeve, and while we imagine there’s plenty left to see when the film actually hits theaters, there’s one particular bit of news from the set that should make you very happy. But be warned: if you don’t want to spoil a potential cameo for yourself, turn back now.

Just when we thought it was impossible to be any more excited for John Wick 2, Gothamist posted several set photos revealing a very, very interesting addition to the cast (hat tip to Uproxx):

Why, yes, that is Keanu Reeves with his Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne, and yes, they are standing in front of a bunch of cages holding pigeons — pigeons, you know, like the birds the Oracle was so fond of feeding. What is even happening in this photo? Magic, that’s what.

Fishburne isn’t listed on the official IMDb page for John Wick 2, but those pages aren’t always 100 percent accurate. There’s also a very strong possibility that Fishburne’s part is merely a cameo — though the word “merely” suggests that this isn’t a big deal, and it’s kind of a big deal, guys.

Obviously, Fishburne’s surprise appearance would have been more delightful to experience while sitting in a movie theater, and it kind of sucks that cameos are no longer very surprising with all the leaked set photos that regularly circulate from upcoming films — but this is still pretty exciting, all things considered.

John Wick 2 hits theaters next year.