Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back.

With the thoughtless murder of the cutest beagle puppy on the planet, a bunch of Russian mobsters awoke a slumbering giant: John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, the world’s greatest and Keanuiest assassin. Wick, who’d retired from the hit man life to settle down with his beloved wife (who’s dead now too), destroys his tastefully decorated basement, retrieves a cache of weapons hidden under his floor, and swears revenge on the men who killed his adorable dog. That was the premise of John Wick, last year’s thoroughly satisfying action thriller from directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch.

Rumors of a sequel have been around for a couple months, but Lionsgate just made it official: John Wick 2 is happening, and Keanu, Stahelski, Leitch, and writer Derek Kolstad will all be back for it. From the press release:

‘With such tremendous fan and critical support for ‘John Wick,’ we knew that there was still so much more of this story to tell,’ said Jason Constantine, President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions. ‘We are thrilled that Keanu, David and Chad have re-teamed with us and promise to bring audiences even more excitement the second time around.’

With the original creative team back, a John Wick 2 sounds great to me. The big question right now is who or what will be killed to spur John Wick back into action this time? Maybe a prized goldfish? Or perhaps a couple gangsters key his beloved muscle car and that really ticks him off? If worse comes to worse, they could always rip up a picture of the beagle puppy from the first movie. HE LOVED THAT DOG, DAMMIT.