There are action movies, and there are action movies. And then there are movies that take car chase setpieces and fighting choreography to an entirely new level, creating wild, incredible scenarios that are even more astounding for their realism. That’s John Wick, and in a new featurette, Keanu Reeves explains how he and his stunt coordinators created their special brand of “gun-fu” for the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2.

In the video, director Chad Stahelski goes through how they combined four types of fighting styles — Japanese jiu-jitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tactical three-gun, standing judo — into what they lovingly refer to as “gun-fu,” or the art of kicking all kinds of butt while also shooting people at the same time. Not to mention they’re coming up with all these fight scenes while also training their actors not to actually hit people. Stahelski also says that they want everyone’s eyes to be on the movie’s stars, so they trained their actors to do almost all of the fight choreography. Probably left the more dangerous stunts to the professionals, though.

There are a lot of neat clips peppered throughout the featurette, and you finally get to see a little bit of Common and Ruby Rose in action too. It just goes to show just how much work is put into these movies and how fantastic it all looks onscreen. As Reeves says, “Gotta know how to make an omelet, right?”

John Wick: Chapter 2 hits theaters February 10.

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