John Wick 2 cannot get here fast enough. Last year Keanu Reeves and co-directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski delivered one of the best action films in recent years, eclipsed only by Mad Max: Fury Road earlier this year. Reeves is (thinking he’s) back as the eponymous hit man in the highly-anticipated sequel, and you can get your first sneak peek at the film via some new set photos.

Reeves is currently filming John Wick 2 with Chad Stahelski while Leitch is off prepping The Coldest City, his new action film starring Charlize Theron. These set photos popped up on Twitter, and it’s a bit surprising that no one else has really picked up on them just yet — they feature Reeves’s John Wick, dressed to kill and filming an action sequence with a couple of unknown co-stars (hat tip to the lovely Priscilla Page for bringing these to my attention):

To be fair, John Wick 2 is the only thing I care about, too. (Okay, and maybe Star Wars and The Hateful Eight.)

Although Leitch is flying solo on this one, you can see in the photos that he’s definitely keeping the aesthetic in line with the first outing, as evidenced by that awesome neon lighting.

John Wick 2 also stars Bridget Moynahan as the dearly departed Helen Wick, with Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, John Leguizamo and Tom Sadowski reprising their roles from the original film. New additions to the cast include Ruby Rose and Peter Stormare in unknown roles, with Common playing top bodyguard to a mysterious female crime boss.

The sequel will arrive sometime next year. Until then, let’s just watch John Wick a few more times. It’ll make the waiting easier.