It seemed inevitable that something would have to give behind the scenes in the DCEU, and with the recent success of Wonder Woman, the hiring of Matt Reeves to helm The Batman, and Ben Affleck’s heavily-rumored departure — among other things — a major change felt imminent. That change has come, as a new report reveals that a huge shakeup is underway in the DCEU, with the head of the comic book film production division leaving his post, while the role of DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns will become “more advisory in nature.”

According to an extensive new report in Variety, Warner Bros. is looking to revamp the DCEU in the wake of Justice League’s disappointing release. The superhero ensemble, which enlisted Joss Whedon for reshoots, made just $570.3 million worldwide in its first three weeks of release, compared to the $1.5 billion take for The Avengers. Warner Bros.’ restructuring of DC Films will begin in January as executives are said to be unhappy with the poor performance of Justice League, which could be attributed in part to the film being a product of two directors.

Zack Snyder, who was forced to exit production due to a family tragedy, will remain involved as a producer and executive producer on upcoming films, including Wonder Woman 2 — though he’s not expected to direct any future projects in the DCEU.

The report also doubles down on Ben Affleck’s heavily-rumored exit; while he’s set to return in The Flash, he’ll be recast in The Batman. Matt Reeves, who replaced Affleck at the helm of the Dark Knight’s new solo film (and promptly tossed out his screenplay), is reportedly looking for a younger actor to take on the role. A recent rumor suggested Reeves is interested in Jake Gyllenhaal for the part, but it may still be quite some time before the next Batman is revealed.

We’re sure to learn more in the coming weeks as WB is expected to announce a new head of DC Films production by January.

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