'Justice League' has seen better days. The film was put on hold and then the script was tossed in the garbage heap, all while Marvel moves full steam ahead on Phase 2 of the cinematic universe including, but obviously not limited to, 'The Avengers 2.' And now if new rumors are to be believed, Warner Bros. has put 'Justice League' on the way back burner. How way back? How about 2021?

Batman on Film is reporting a big update in the DC Movie Universe, even if there's not much of a DC Movie Universe to speak of these days. According to their well-placed source, the 'Justice League' script was indeed terrible and was indeed scrapped. Right now the film is on hold until 'Man of Steel' hits theaters and very likely longer.

They report that if 'Man of Steel' performs very well, Warner Bros. is content to let the Superman trilogy play out completely before rebooting Batman. That would mean the new Batman would be introduced in his own standalone movie in 2019. Then once Superman is established and Batman is introduced, 'Justice League' would be prepped for 2021. That's a loooong way off but is it the right strategy?

It certainly seems like it. The site says that Warner Bros. is aware that hardcore superhero fans are very skeptical about 'Justice League' and really do want to make sure they're doing this right. So all those fans shouting that they shouldn't rush a 'Justice League' movie? They're listening to you.

What this would also do is take 'Justice League' out of competition with 'The Avengers 2' and this is probably a good thing. But 2021, 'The Avengers' trilogy (assuming it's a trilogy) will be complete and 'Justice League' can move forward on its own right without having to deal with the box-office comparisons to Marvel's juggernaut (no pun intended).

It'll be a long wait for DC fans but it does seem like the smartest move. Do you agree?