If there's one thing 'Justified' fans know, its that the modern FX gunslinger series appreciates its villains.  From Robert Quarles, to Mags Bennett, to Boyd Crowder and back again, we're always in for a memorable performance.  Should it surprise you, then, that one 'Modern Family' star is looking to shed his nice-guy persona for something a little darker?

By way of an interview with The Wrap, TV Guide reports that 'Justified' show-runner Graham Yost has his eye on a certain mid-western actor to bring in for a season 4 baddie: none other than affable 'Modern Family' star Eric Stonestreet!  Best known as Cameron 'Cam' Tucker on the top-rated ABC sitcom, Stonestreet has an existing history of working with FX, guesting on this past season of 'American Horror Story,' as well as Ryan Murphy's first major hit 'Nip/Tuck.'

Speaking on the fourth season of 'Justified,' having just wrapped up the third with the chop-happy "Slaughterhouse,' show-runner Graham Yost says, "We are still looking for something for Eric Stonestreet to play, because he's a Kansas boy, and he'd like to play a bad guy. So if we can come up with something that fits in with [the 'Modern Family'] schedule, of course we will... he's just great."

He certainly made it work for 'American Horror Story' as one of Ben Harmon's anxiety filled patients, so why not a trip to Harlan County?  According to another interview with Collider, Yost has attempted to recruit the 'Modern Family' star since the very first season.  Good luck however, considering that massive salary bump the stars of ABC's comedy jewel are negotiating for!

What say you?  Could Stonestreet fit right in as a big bad on 'Justified,' or is he best left as the warm, fuzzy and occasionally clowning around Cam?  Tell us who you'd like to see on 'Justified' season 4 in the comments below!