Justified' Season 3 draws out of its seventh episode of the year, as Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) continues to clash with the enigmatic mobster Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough), while Boyd Crowder finds a new impediment to his business and a familiar face is poised to turn the tables for the Detroit mob.

Last week’s ‘Justified’ “When the Guns Come Out” saw bloody gunfights for the oxy trade of Harlan while Raylan sought to win back Winona from her running out, while that supposedly missing evidence money came back to haunt us all, so what will the latest episode bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Justified’ “The Man Behind the Curtain!”

On a lonely desolate road at night, Arlo Givens struts about babbling to himself, calling out for Mr. Limehouse to step forward.  Limehouse only learns of the intrusion whilst threatening his lieutenant’s lackey into taking credit with Quarles for last week’s oxy-heist, and heads out to meet Arlo.  Clearly out of his mind, Arlo demands to see his long-dead wife Francis, and they knock him out for his trouble.  That dang Arlo!

Across town at Raylan’s new noisy barside digs, Quarles himself pulls up to the bar to offer Raylan more money than Boyd Crowder pays him, though Raylan scoffs at the idea that anyone could mistake him working for Boyd.  Raylan alludes to Quarles’ troubles with torturing male escorts in the past (seriously, who’s that guy tied up in his bedroom?!), and sends the blonde businessman on his merry way.  The next day Raylan presses Tim Gunterson into doing some hush-hush FBI recon on Quarles, while Wynn Duffy informs Quarles himself of the Detroit mob boss’s son Sammy’s imminent arrival in town.  Evidently Quarles had once been the favored surrogate son, but seems to have been exiled for his ways and now needs to suck up to Sammy for further bankroll of his operation.

Raylan then pays a visit to Boyd, ignoring news of his father for further information on Quarles , but finds little useful until Tim provides a notated family tree on the Tomin crime family affiliated with the man.  Meanwhile, Quarles looks to strengthen his alliance by pressing Harlan Sheriff Napier into his employ, and asking for another loan from Sammy to fund his operation in the wake of this power-grab.

Said Sheriff Napier arrives at Boyd Crowder’s bar to shut it down for superfluous violations, while Raylan finds a setback of his own in attempting to confront Sammy Tomin at a local restaurant, as the FBI refuses to allow him access to their target!  Tim, Raylan and Art mostly shake off FBI Agent Barkley (Stephen Tobolowsky, he’s in everything!)’s warning, and agree to quietly continue on with the case.  Across town, Boyd pays a day-time visit to Mr. Limehouse to express his rage at Limehouse withholding information about Quarles’ alliance with the Sheriff’s department, leaving in a huff, and not even stopping for some tasty barbecue.

At a nearby horse track where Sammy Tomin looks to purchase one of the mares, Raylan manages to con his way past the FBI into securing a private meeting with Sammy, who turns out to be just as wary of Quarles as the rest of the Detroit mafia.  With common interests in mind, Sammy pulls the wire transfer of Quarles’ funds, and Raylan pays a personal visit to seize Quarles’ property given they operate within distance of children’s learning institutions.  Furious, Quarles pays his own visit to Sammy, and presses that he’ll deal with Raylan through his new plan, while Sammy should report Raylan to the FBI as in bed with Boyd Crowder.

Boyd however has plans of his own, meeting with former mine security officer Shelby (‘Supernatural’ star Jim Beaver!), who thanks Boyd for saving his life last season, but has since been let go from the mine.  Boyd has a new idea however, for Shelby to run in the election for the next Harlan Country Sheriff!

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, we see Winona’s ex Gary Hawkins (William Ragsdale) pitifully running a pyramid scheme/motivational speaking seminar under the name of “Walter Parks,” where Quarles supports him from the audience and grabs a drink with him after.  The two men bond over the lost emotional relationships of the past, before Quarles’ man and Wynn Duffy, step out, and Gary realizes the trouble he’s in.

Boy, that Gary’s fate is dare I say…’Justified!’  Few thought the gun-slinging series would ever be able to top last season’s Mags Bennett as a villain, but so far the combined threat of Neal McDonough, Mykelti Williamson, and this unseen Detroit mob boss have all of Harlan county running for their hills!  And with Raylan running increasingly off the rails without Winona, how will the second half of the third season finish out without at least a few body bags?

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