For your viewing assistance during the official trailer for the Keanu Reeves-led crime thriller Exposed, ScreenCrush presents the Master Checklist of Cop Movie Clichés! Follow along as you watch the two minute clip and see how many you can identify:

-Loose cannon, cop on the edge, nothing to lose
-Dead partner
-Must comfort bereaved wife, possibly sexually
-Willing to break the law to enforce it
-Mission of revenge
-Girl who knows too much
-Crooked cop on the inside
-Dialogue delivered through a mouthful of gravel

Just when it seemed we’re in the midst of a modern Keanaissance, along comes this determinedly bland-looking cop drama to remind us of his time in the mid-2000s wilderness. He’s successfully reinvented himself with a comeback performance in John Wick and gigs now landed in a planned sequel as well as new films from Nicolas Winding Refn, Ana Lily Amirpour, and Shane Carruth. But before he can assume his rightful place as the new and staggeringly improbable darling of the indie art-film sphere, Keanu must pay his dues once more in the routine of Exposed.

Starring alongside Mira Sorvino (an Oscar nominee for Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, once upon a time) and his Knock Knock costar Ana de Armas, Keanu plays a beat cop with a dead partner and a supervisor who seems almost suspiciously uninterested in solving the murder. Is Keanu too close to this thing? (Yes.) Will a romance blossom between him and his partner’s widow? (Probably.) Is his boss the bad guy? (Almost certainly.) Regardless, someone somewhere will find a reason to see this. For the rest of us — onward and upward with the Keanaissance!