Kevin Costner, at one point in his career, was one of the industry’s biggest stars. He excelled as a leading man, and won Oscars for his directorial efforts. Costner never fully disappeared from the scene, though his career arc slowed for a few years. Things, however, are about to get far more busy.

Costner is basking in the accolades for his performance in ‘Hatfields & McCoys,’ the Emmy-nominated drama series that aired on The History Channel. The actor-director also filmed the role of papa Kent in Zack Snyder’s anticipated ‘Man of Steel,’ which will be in theaters next summer. All of a sudden, Costner is being sought for major projects, giving him the pick of a larger litter.

According to Deadline, he's been offered the co-leading role in the next Jack Ryan movie, which already has ‘Star Trek’ star Chris Pine in the leading role. Kenneth Branagh is directing the Ryan reboot, which would cast Costner as Ryan’s possible mentor -- a seasoned agent brought on board to show the young CIA agent the ropes.

If Costner passes on Branagh’s film, he’s also reportedly being considered for ‘Three Days to Kill,’ an action thriller that would be produced by Luc Besson’s Europacorp. In the story, Costner would play an assassin who learns he’s dying. Deadline says McG is circling the project as a possible director, making a comparison to ‘Taken’ because it’s contained to a European city and features a dominant part for an older actor.

It’s refreshing to see Costner emerging back on the scene. He’s a talented actor and director, and if he can find the right projects, he really can soar. We’ll see which project he chooses – or if he chooses both. Stay tuned.