We know how much you guys love Killer Instinct, so here's a bit more news about the resurrection of the classic fighting game that will have you drooling. It all has to do with the Xbox One's Kinect and how it will customize your play experience.

A post on IGN featured a video of a Killer Instinct panel at Evo 2013, in which a few of the developers and Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at Microsoft, discussed some of the game's features and how they take advantage of the Xbox One's tech.

Most notable were the Kinect features, which would allow the game to recognize players on the fly, pick their favorite fighters and even reconfigure the controls in order to suit the active player's personal preferences. If that doesn't sound ridiculously awesome, then we don't know what is.

Player recognition will also help when it comes to leaderboard tracking and queuing up different fighters when there are more than one players in a room. Of course, all of these features are set to work offline as well, so there's no reason why a small party of players can't enjoy the benefits of the Kinect's tracking at the same time.

Watch the video above and give us your opinions on the Kinect features and how they'll work with Killer Instinct when it launches with the Xbox One later this year.