Cinema’s most famous primate is every-dang-where these days. After Kong: Skull Island pulled in a hefty payday, the resultant licensing explosion brought us plans for a King Kong musical on Broadway, a self-contained TV series apart from the film franchise, and a comic book fleshing out the story from the latest movie. And the spinoffs aren’t done yet, because today brings the news that Fay Wray’s big, angry ex-boyfriend will show his face offscreen in yet another capacity, and this time, he won’t be the only simian on the scene.

/Film notes today that BOOM! Studios will soon pit King Kong against Caesar, Cornelius, and the rest of the chimp gang from the Planet of the Apes series in a new crossover comic book. The six-issue limited series will run under the title Kong on the Planet of the Apes, and it’ll exist within the future of the original 1968 Apes movie, rather than the current world of the reboot. This creates some complications: the Kong/Apes crossover would be a sequel to an earlier line of Kong comics that had the irritable gorilla occupying the 20th century, meaning that he’d either have to age approximately 1000 years or do some light time-traveling in order to make it to Apes-times. In a story centered around a skyscraper-sized monkey, neither concept is really off the table, but either way, it’s something worth considering.

The Kong on the Planet of the Apes line will begin its run in November, at which point America will approach a critical mass of giant intelligent ape content. What’s next? A virtual-reality game wherein you get to play as Kong and smash helicopters out of the air like so many puny gnats? Wait, that would be awesome. Can that be next?

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