Taron Egerton has become quite popular since his breakout role earlier this year in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, and while that’s great news for the actor and his fans, it’s a bit tricky for his scheduling, which has gotten a little complicated. And it’s Egerton’s popularity that’s causing a slight issue for Kingsman 2 as it prepares to head into production in the spring.

THR reports that Kingsman 2 is scheduled to begin filming with Fox next April, but Egerton recently signed on to star in Robin Hood: Origins, with Lionsgate anticipating a lengthy production beginning in February. Fox has a sequel option on Egerton, which means that the Kingsman sequel takes priority over any other commitments, but Vaughn has yet to complete the script or formally sign on to direct, while the Robin Hood film already has a script and is farther along in development.

According to the report, an inside source says “things will be worked out,” and it appears that Fox is taking the necessary steps to ensure Egerton can star in both projects. Vaughn is also committed to directing an adaptation of I am Pilgrim for MGM sometime next year, so as of now it’s just a matter of getting all these moving parts locked in place.

However it gets sorted out, Kingsman 2 is definitely happening with Egerton returning as Eggsy, the young spy groomed by Colin Firth’s gentlemanly Harry Hart in the first film. If Vaughn returns to direct, it will be his first time directing a sequel to his own film, and while plot details are scarce, we’re hoping Vaughn is able to find a way to include Firth for another go-round.

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