The last time we saw Keanu Reeves, he was the unstoppable title character in the instant action-classic John Wick. So watching the new international trailer for director Eli Roth’s Knock Knock is bound to give you whiplash, as the beloved actor has never looked weaker or more vulnerable. Reeves is odd casting for an ordinary father and husband who finds himself terrorized by two insane women, but that may very well be the point. He’s the last guy we’d expect to see so thoroughly wrecked.

The plot is fairly straightforward. Reeves is home alone when two young ladies knock on his door in need of assistance. He obliges. They seduce him. He immediately regrets all of this when they tie him up and proceed to make his life a living hell for reasons unknown.

Reeves is a very, very specific actor, a tool that works brilliantly in some roles and lands with a thud in others. This trailer doesn’t clue us in on whether or not exploitation horror is in his wheelhouse, but at least he’s being adventurous and trying new things. Not every beloved actor would agree to get tortured for the director of the Hostel movies for two hours, but Reeves is, admirably, refusing to make his current career a victory lap where he simply plays his hits again and again.

The real wild card here is Roth, who hasn’t had a film in theaters since 2007’s Hostel: Part II. He’s kept busy, producing and acting and generally being a spokesman for the horror genre, but the man who got so many viewers clutching their pearls and yelling about decency needs a big comeback. That comeback was supposed to be the cannibal movie The Green Inferno, but that one fell into oblivion after a mixed festival run. So it’s up to Knock Knock to prove if this guy is still relevant. If the trailer is any indication, then ... maybe?

Knock Knock doesn’t have an official stateside release date, but it is expected to open later this year.