The DC Extended Universe has been building to the arrival of the Justice League, and this November that will finally happen. To celebrate the uniting of the League, Kotobukiya is releasing a complete set of all six members of the super-team in the film. The best part is, you won’t have to wait long after Justice League’s release to get your hands on these fine art pieces, as they start arriving just in time for the holidays.

Kotobukiya is no stranger to the DC Universe, having worked on both comic and cinematic products in that world in the past. Massive team collections are also something of a Koto specialty these past few years, with the Japanese company offering collections based on the Bat-family, the New 52 Justice League, Villains United and more. Gathering up the cinematic Justice League for its next collection makes a lot of sense, and knowing how big the film could potentially be at the box office, Koto isn't wasting any time on a slow roll out for this series.

Each of the six characters is expected to arrive in December 2017 or January 2018, making this arguably the fastest Koto has ever put out a team collective like this. All of the six ArtFX+ statues (which are Koto's 1/10 scale pieces) are getting new sculpts too, making this fast-paced release that more impressive. Usually It would take a year or more for Kotobukiya to release a complete set like this, and that’s mostly due to manufacturing constraints, not just quarterly projections.

Of all the statues, I believe Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman came out the best. Cyborg always just looks too fake no matter what format his collectibles have taken so far, and I hope that means his solo film coming in a few years lends to a new, more believably human design. We’ve seen a lot of Superman and Batman designs over the years, and these two don’t do a whole lot to differentiate themselves from the pack, though they are certainly solid works. They just aren’t as impressive as the ArtFX+ pieces released for Batman V Superman.

All six of the Justice League ArtFX+ statues are available for pre-order from Kotobukiya now for $79.99 each.

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