Boy, that Frank Darabont just has to have every great actor on TV right now for his upcoming TNT crime-drama pilot 'L.A. Noir', doesn't he?  Well, as long as he's going to, could he at least wait until after their existing TV characters have been conclusively killed off?  Sheesh.

Deadline TV reports that the latest actor to join Darabont's high-profile TNT noir series is that of the frighteningly blonde Neal McDonough, currently menacing TV screens Tuesday nights as the villainous carpetbagger Robert Quarles of FX's 'Justified.'  'L.A. Noir' portrays the true-story of the decades-long war between the LAPD under Police Chief Parker (McDonough), and criminal elements led by (as-yet-uncast) mafia man Mickey Cohen, a one-time boxer who ascended to the top of LA’s criminal scene.

According to the report, McDonough's Parker is "a man with a long memory and a ruthless streak when provoked, committed to rooting out corruption in the police department, and equally dedicated to bringing down Mickey Cohen and the mob."  Suffice to say, it's a far cry from his current 'Justified' character, who seems likely to expire if 'L.A. Noir' is to be brought to series.

In addition to drawing its inspiration from the book of the same name, 'L.A. Noir' has caused something of a stir as Frank Darabont's first project since unceremoniously exiting 'The Walking Dead.'  Not only that, but reported negotiations between Darabont and 'The Walking Dead' star Jon Bernthal (likely for the part of Mickey Cohen, as Bernthal himself is a former boxer) seemed to suggest that Bernthal's 'Dead' character Shane might not be long for the series.

'Heroes' star Milo Ventimiglia has also been cast in the pilot, and I think I speak for everyone reading when I say..."whoopity doo".

What say you, 'Justified', McDonough and Darabont fans?  Are you excited to see Neal McDonough at the head of an L.A. crime drama, or would you rather him stick around Harlan County?  And what does it all mean for 'The Walking Dead'?!  ¡Ay dios mio!

Give us your thoughts and gripes in the comments below!

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