Just as Jimmy Fallon finally stepped up to 'The Tonight Show' last week with a star-studded parade of gags, fellow 'SNL' vet Seth Meyers finally made his own way up the ranks with last night's premiere of 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.' The new debut brought not only a spot-on parody of Fallon's "Thank You" sketch, but also some extended animosity between Meyers' first guest Amy Poehler and 8G band leader Fred Armisen.

Opening the show, Meyers paid a quick tribute to Fallon's "Thank You" bit to thank Fallon for leaving the show to him, promising to use more original material in the weeks going forward. Elsewhere, the night seemed to unfold with plenty of 'SNL' influence, not only in 'Portlandia' star Fred Armisen's debut as the band leader, but also in the banter exchanged with Meyers' first guest (and former Weekend Update cohort) Amy Poehler.

After showing off a pic of the two from their Upright Citizens Brigade days, Meyers did his best to calm the tension between Poehler and Armisen, who played up a bitter falling out since their 'SNL' days. Meyers seemed mostly comfortable in the host role talking with Poehler, though things understandably got a bit more uptight around Meyers' second guest, Vice President Joe Biden.

You can catch Meyers' Fallon tribute above, as well as some other highlights below. Tell us in the comments if you'll follow up on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.'