Our first New York Comic-Con without The Legend of Korra stings as much as this past summer, but the current Avatar isn’t out for the count just yet. In addition to the forthcoming Blu-ray release, we also have our first look at artwork from the upcoming Dark Horse comic continuation of the beloved Nickelodeon series.

Speaking to CBR News, new Korra artist Brittney Williams revealed a first look at her take on Korra creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino’s leading lady, as she’ll appear in Dark Horse’s upcoming comic continuation of the character’s adventures.

Legend of Korra Comic Concept Art
Dark Horse / Brittney Williams

Williams also spoke a bit as to how her artwork might eventually diverge from the look of the Nickelodeon series:

I’m definitely going to stay true to the amazing style and tone that the “Legend of Korra” and the “Avatar” series have. The great Bryan Konietzko will be there to provide direction and inspiration! At the same time, animation and comics are very different. As opposed to a whole crew with a variety of tastes and styles working on an animated series, a comic usually has one artist. In that respect, I think my drawing style will probably show itself a bit!

While we wait to return to Korra‘s world, check out the upcoming Blu-ray details, and stay tuned for the latest.

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