It was over a year ago that we first learned The Legend of Korra would get a full series release on Blu-ray, but only now have the details finally bent into shape. You’ll be able to catch Korra’s adventures before 2016 is out, so check out the first of special features and cover art!

Per IGN, the eight-disc The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series will hit Blu-ray on December 13, retailing on DVD for $42.99, and a Limited Edition Blu-ray (including selections from The Art of the Animated Series) for $47.99. In addition to all four seasons, the sets are expected to include audio commentary for most episodes, as well as “scene and episode analyses from the cast and crew.”

Check out the cover:

Legend of Korra Complete Series Blu ray

We’re still awaiting more details on Korra’s further comic adventures, but in the meantime, sit tight until December for the full Legend of Korra Blu-ray, and stay tuned for any additional announcements from New York Comic-Con this week.

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