The Legend of Korra’s legacy lives on, whether by official Korrasami art or the Book 4 Blu-ray release, and we hope New York Comic-Con this past October won’t be the last time we get together to celebrate the action-fantasy marvel. In case you missed out, check out a Blu-ray featurette shown at NYCC of the cast behind the scenes getting ready to record!

As debuted exclusively on on our sister site ComicsAlliance, the above feature was first shown to attendees of Korra’s last panel at New York Comic-Con 2014 this past October, highlighting the behind-the-scenes warmup rituals of voice actors Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako) and P.J. Byrne (Bolin).

Additional features for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Book 4: Change include commentaries for all 13 episodes from cast and crew, as well as numerous other featurettes and behind-the-scenes content.

Watch The Legend of Korra take New York Comic-Con in the exclusive featurette above, and pick up a copy of the home release today!

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