Nickelodeon’s Legends of Korra finally brought its past full-circle with the announcement of a Complete Series Blu-ray, but what of the future? See for yourself, as the first photos and details of the post-Korrasami sequel comic Turf Wars have arrived from Dark Horse Comics!

Entertainment Weekly debuted the first official look at The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, which picks up in the aftermath of Korra and Asami’s trip to the spirit world. The June 2017 Dark Horse release from series co-creator Michael DiMartino and artist Irene Koh (with Bryan Konietzko weighing in) is described thusly:

Turf Wars is set to pick up right where the series left off, as Korra and Asami return from the spirit world to find Republic City in disarray. The new spirit portal has caused no end of chaos, as a pompous developer plans to turn it into an amusement park and the triads reunite just in time to cause trouble for the city’s many evacuees.

And Says DiMartino:

Korra has to figure out how to find a new balance in the city with all this stuff that’s gone on. It’s gonna take place right after the finale, so it’s focusing on Korra and Asami’s relationship as a new threat emerges. It’s kind of like the aftermath dealing with the new portal in the city, and all the evacuees coming back to find their homes wiped out cause of the portal.

We’ll be able to relive the series itself on December 13, but what else should we hope for from The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars?

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