Despite having a stable of iconic characters that are known throughout the world, Nintendo has stayed pretty clear of the movie business, with the disastrous 'Super Mario Brothers' movie being the video game company's only real Hollywood experience. However, a recently revealed video proves that they haven't been without offers. Did you know that animation company Imagi tried to pitch a Legend of Zelda movie a few years back? We didn't either.

Released by former Imagi employee Adam Holmes, the video above is the studio's attempt to sell Nintendo on a Zelda movie, utilizing many of the familiar sights and sounds from the long-running series and packaging it all into a quick reel. Fans of the franchise will immediately recognize the situation: Princess Zelda and her guards are attacked while traveling through a Hyrulean wasteland and only the valiant Link, Master Sword in hand, can save her from the clutches of Ganondorf.

But it all feels a little too familiar. While we wouldn't be opposed to seeing a Legend of Zelda movie in the future (and animation would certainly be preferable to live action), this pitch looks more like a video that'll play before the main menu on a new game. We half-expected it to end with a "Press Start" prompt. We really can't blame Nintendo for passing on this -- Imagi made a cool video, but there's nothing here that suggests they've figured out how to make these characters work in a 90-minute movie.

What do you think? Does this look like what you'd want out of a Zelda movie?

[via /Film]

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