Fantasy is coming back and in a big way, thanks mainly to 'Game of Thrones.' Legendary Pictures is aware and has acquired the new spec script titled 'Slayer.' It's an attempt to reboot the dragon genre, but with a little twist...

One of the big twists about the story is that it's a fantasy movie set in the modern day. The Hollywood Reporter says that the film follow a young doctor who finds out that this estranged father was a dragon slayer only after his passing. One would imagine that after the information is revealed that the doctor ends up following in the father's footsteps in some capacity.

The script was written by Martin Helgeland, son of Brian Helgeland who's best known for his script work on 'L.A. Confidential,' 'Mystic River' and many other movies. The surprising part about this news story is the fact that Martin is still a student in college. Must be nice being able to easily get appointments with a major production company when you share the last name of a great screenwriter.

Since there's already a script in Legendary Pictures' hands, one would imagine that it won't take too long for the production company to whip up a director for this project so it can really get going. The question is who would they hire.