For those anxiously awaiting 'Lego 3-D,' your wait is now a little less than two years. Warner Brothers have updated their calendar, and marked February 28, 2014 as the date for the release of Chris Miller and Phil Lord's take on the Lego universe. They've also announced that '42,' Brian Hegeland's Jackie Robinson biographical picture, will hit theaters April 12, 2013.

With 'Lego,' there's no real sense of what the movie is or could be because there's never been much of a narrative to Lego toys. You can build lands and objects, and now there's a lot of tie-in toys, but Miller and Lord have the field to themselves. After '21 Jump Street' and 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' they've earned the right to do what they want, and for audiences to give them some credit.

Hegleland's '42' will star Harrison Ford, and relative newcomer Chadwick Boseman (he's done a lot of TV work). That film has a start date of next month, and is timed to be released near the anniversary of Robinson becoming the first black baseball player in the major league.

The release date for 'Lego' makes sense - it could be a big film, and we've seen a number of kids films emerge from the early parts of the year to make big money (witness 'The Lorax'). April is still a release zone for more troubled pictures, but as we've just seen 'Think Like a Man' do stellar business, there's no bad time of the year to be released. Except maybe early January or September. Those still suck.

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