We never thought we'd see the words "tentpole" and 'LEGO' in the same sentence, but, well, we stand corrected. And to top it off, this "tentpole" has just landed two well-known stars.

According to Deadline, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks have been tapped to voice the lead roles in 'LEGO,' an animated 3D film based on the popular construction toys which have been around since 1949. Freeman will not play the voice of God as one might think (does such a being exist in the LEGO mythology, such as it is?), but will reportedly perform as a character called Vitruvirus. There's no word on what Banks' role will be.

The two actors join the previously cast Chris Pratt and Will Arnett (as Batman)in the movie, which follows a plain old LEGO figure who is mistaken for MasterBuilder and tasked with saving the universe from an evil ruler who wants to glue the universe together. Yep, that's what it says right here.

Look, there was a direct-to-DVD LEGO movie in 2010 and a few other crossover properties here and there, and obviously this is going to be geared toward kids (we've got serious problems if it's aimed at adults). But enlisting talent like this, as well as the hot '21 Jump Street' directing team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, does seem to indicate that Warner Bros. Pictures sees this as a potential franchise in the making. Jeez, guys, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is still making money at the box office, don't get desperate yet!

No, actually it's all good and we look forward to the breathless marketing and images of each LEGO block as it appears in the movie, which is due to open on February 28th, 2014. Now where the hell is our 'Lincoln Logs' adaptation??