Don’t you know that there are starving actors who have never known the joy of winning an Oscar? Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, who has long suffered (figuratively and literally) for the chance to have what so many take for granted. For the small price of just one pair of gold earrings or maybe an old silver necklace, you can help actors like Leo here finally get the Oscar he deserves. Please, won’t you think of Leo?

At least DiCaprio’s fans in Russia are thinking of him, as Metro reports that several women in Siberia have joined forces to donate their gold and silver jewelry and trinkets to be melted down and formed into the shape of an Oscar statuette for the actor. The “Oscar for Leo” campaign won’t yield an exact replica of the famed statuette, replacing the sword with a “choron,” which is a traditional goblet, and optimistically turning the little gold man’s head upward.

The statue will measure at about 12 inches, and will cost 100,000 Rubles, which is roughly $1300 American. Tatiana Egorova, a teacher at the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts told a local Russian news channel (via that the size of the statue will ultimately depend on the amount of donations received, and that some women are donating parts of their trinkets and jewelry instead of a whole piece. As Egorova explains, “Like one half will be with Leonardo DiCaprio and one half with them. To be somehow connected with the actor.”

Although DiCaprio has won top acting prizes from SAG and the Golden Globes for his role in The Revenant, that doesn’t necessarily 100 percent guarantee that he’ll win the Oscar for Best Actor this year — but it’s a pretty safe bet that he will because the Oscar voters love it when actors suffer for their art. And look at DiCaprio. He’s just so thirsty in The Revenant. Like, literally. His lips are horrifically chapped. Give him the damn Oscar already.