'Les Miserables' - the film adaptation of the classic Broadway musical - is, uh, not something we're overly familiar with. But we do know the movie has an all-star cast including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen and Amanda Seyfriend. And now thanks to this new extended first-look at the adaptation, we found something else out about this film that's actually quite cool.

Instead of pre-recording the soundtrack in a booth months before filming begins and lip-syncing to the track while shooting the movie (as how other movie musicals are made), the cast and crew of 'Les Miserables' are trying something different. They're singing every take, live on set.

Each actor is wearing a hidden earpiece that is playing music performed live just off-stage. As the actor is filming the scene, they can dictate the flow and tempo of the song and the musicians will react accordingly. So if Hugh Jackman wants to make a change to how he sings the song to fit how he's acting the scene, he can do that now.

Many of the complaints about movie musicals is that they fell over-rehearsed and stilted and the thinking is that this new process will make 'Les Miserables' feel more real (at least as real as it can be having a bunch of people walk around singing their dialogue). Take a look below to watch the cast singing some of the classic songs from 'Les Miserables' and let us know what you think.