We don't think your eyes are ready to process this nifty special effects trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, but we'll show it to you anyways.

As you can see from the trailer, Lightning's just strolling around while the world literally changes around her. We also get to witness several transitions as we jump from character to character. This slick presentation of the game should get fans hyped up.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the video is seeing all of the different costumes that Lightning can wear in the game. And of course, she'll be able to equip Cloud Strife's SOLDIER 1st Class uniform, SOLDIER's band and Buster Sword if you pre-order the game now.

Check out the stylish trailer above and look out for Lightning when she returns on Feb. 11, 2014. And for those of you who also like a good aural experience to accompany awesome visuals like those in the trailer, Square Enix has announced that it will be offering the original Japanese voice-overs as free downloadable content during the first two weeks of the game's launch. That should please all of you purists out there!