The first — red band and incredibly NSFW — trailer for The Little Hours ticks off so many of the right boxes: Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie as foul-mouthed, promiscuous nuns. John C. Reilly, merely existing because that’s really all that we require of him. Fred Armisen’s off-kilter humor, Dave Franco (the superior Franco), Nick Offerman, and Molly Shannon — all participating in a raunchy take on those stoic Euro masterpieces from the ’70s. (Despite the fact that The Devils already exists.)

The Little Hours was written and directed by Jeff Baena (Joshy, Life After Beth), and follows a trio of nasty nuns whose peaceful convent life is disrupted by the arrival of a hot, young servant boy. It’s almost as if someone wondered what it would be like if Harmony Korine directed an Ingmar Bergman film — and I am 100 percent into it.

Our editor-in-chief Matt Singer reviewed the film at Sundance, where he praised Reilly’s performance but ultimately found the nuns-gone-wild gimmick a bit redundant. Your mileage may vary, of course (and I really hope mine does).

Here’s the official synopsis:

Medieval nuns Alessandra (Alison Brie), Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza), and Ginevra (Kate Micucci) lead a simple life in their convent. Their days are spent chafing at monastic routine, spying on one another, and berating the estate’s day laborer. After a particularly vicious insult session drives the peasant away, Father Tommasso (John C. Reilly) brings on new hired hand Massetto (Dave Franco), a virile young servant forced into hiding by his angry lord. Introduced to the sisters as a deaf-mute to discourage temptation, Massetto struggles to maintain his cover as the repressed nunnery erupts in a whirlwind of pansexual horniness, substance abuse, and wicked revelry.

The Little Hours also stars Kate Micucci, Jemima Kirke, Adam Pally, Jon Gabrus (Broad City) and Paul Reiser, and hits theaters on June 30.

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