So much for retirement; director Steven Soderbergh returns to theaters this weekend with Logan Lucky, a Southern fried heist film. Soderbergh announced his retirement from feature directing following 2013’s Side Effects. And one of the most fun parts about Logan Lucky is the fact that it features a little Easter Egg to a project that occupied some of Soderbergh’s time during his sabbatical.

Over the last four years, Soderbergh made 20 episode of The Knick and the TV movie Behind the Candelabra. He produced shows like Red Oaks, and served as the cinematographer of Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to his 2012 film about convivial male strippers. When he wasn’t directing, producing, or shooting something, he also got into the liquor business. A few years back he introduced Singani 63, a distilled Bolivian spirit he first fell in love with while shooting Che in South America. At the time, no one was importing singani to the States; supposedly, one of Che’s cameramen suggested to Soderbergh that he do it himself.

“Immediately, I thought it would be selfish (but great) to have my own supply,” Soderbergh told Forbes. “But then I realized if I had this reaction – and I would never consider myself a connoisseur of any type in the drinking world – then potentially, a lot of people could as well. I have an average palate, and I’m thinking this stuff is really extraordinary. I’m like the everyman in this situation.” With that, Singani 63 was born.

If you’re paying close attention in Logan Lucky, you an spot the company’s logo. It shows up on the racing suit worn by Dayton White, the NASCAR driver played by Sebastian Stan. You can even see it on Stan’s chest in the Logan Lucky trailer, although most of the logo is obscured by a microphone. (There’s a much clearer look at the logo in the actual film.)

Bleecker Street

The Singani 63 cameo is actually a double Soderbergh Easter egg. Not only is Dayton White’s racing team sponsored by the liquor, he actually drivers the 63 car at the Coca-Cola 600. You’ll be able to spot it during the film’s racing scenes, and you can also see it in the sequence featured in the trailer where Adam Driver’s Clyde Logan drives his car into a gas station convenience store. Clyde’s car careens through the window and topples over a stand-up advertising display of Dayton White with a big “63” over his shoulder.

Bleecker Street

I imagine most audiences won’t notice the Singani 63 logo or number, and if they do, they might not even realize it’s a director’s nod to himself and one of his extracurricular activities. It’s almost his version of a Alfred Hitchcock cameo, but with Bolivian booze. Who’s thirsty?