Before Mark Wahlberg takes on giant robots in Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4,' he's gotta hunt down an infamous Taliban leader, as shown in the first 'Lone Survivor' trailer.

Making its debut on AOL, the first footage reveals this "based on a true story" tale of what's called "Operation Redwing," a failed 2005 mission in which four SEAL Team 10 members set out to track Ahmad Shah along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. In short, the mission was compromised and three members did not make it back.

Starring opposite Walberg, who's portraying Marcus Luttrell, are Taylor Kitsch ('Battleship') as Mike Murphy, Emile Hirsch ('Into the Wild') as Danny Dietz and Ben Foster (upcoming Lance Armstrong biopic) as Matt Axelson. Also featured in the 'Lone Survivor' trailer are Alexander Ludwig ('The Hunger Games') and Eric Bana ('The Incredible Hulk').

Directed by Peter Berg, the film hits NY and LA theaters on December 27, with a wide release coming January 10, 2014.