Louis C.K.’s self-funded Horace and Pete seemed to make more headlines by its struggles than success, though the comedian remains adamant the 10-episode series represented the scope of his vision, money or otherwise. Now, however, C.K. has additional ideas to continue Horace and Pete into Season 2, potentially writing as early as this summer.

Speaking to Deadline at an Awardsline Emmy screening, C.K. reiterated that Horace and Pete has since made back its production costs (the series famously put C.K. “millions of dollars” into debt), though he’d yet to decide on any network offers to buy the series. Moreover, he’s also begun thinking about Season 2, and will make a decision after breaking a story this summer:

I have ideas on how to continue this series, but the test is always — does it write? I did this myself without a network because I didn’t want to (be committed to) do it again. I only want to do it if it’s really compelling … I could do another decade … but if it doesn’t write, I’ll leave it alone. There’s no reason to go back.

The series follows the patrons and employees of an Irish bar, Horace and Pete’s, with C.K. writing, directing and starring. Alan Alda plays bartender Pete to C.K.’s Horace, joined by Steve Buscemi as another Pete. Series leads C.K. and Steve Buscemi could well end up competing for a male drama Emmy nomination, while everyone from Alan Alda to Steve Wright, Jessica Lange, Edie Falco, Aidy Bryant and more will vie for supporting and guest star nods.

It remains to be seen if Horace and Pete will warrant another season from C.K., as well what, if anything would change about production or pricing, but should the comedian get back to work this summer?

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