As you'd expect from the biopic of the most famous pornographic actress of all time, the new international trailer for 'Lovelace' sells the fact that the film is full of sex -- like, lots and lots of sex. Although this is certainly not a red-band trailer, it often brushes up against the edge of being approved for all audiences (this was cut for Europeans, after all), so proceed cautiously.

Anyway, this trailer is far more compelling than the previous one, which made 'Lovelace' look like a fairly rote biopic that just so happens to feature all kinds of hardcore sex and nudity. The international cut sells a bit more of a 'Boogie Nights' vibe, showcasing a story about how the porn biz is all fun and games until it suddenly isn't, and everyone starts getting really angry, sad, hurt, abused and so on. It's not the greatest trailer in the world (it's probably not the greatest trailer you'll see this week), but it paints a far more compelling picture than anything we've already seen.

Also unlike the previous 'Lovelace' trailer, this one leans heavily on the critical praise, with much of the attention being thrown on Amanda Seyfried's leading performance. Could this be the movie that pushes the talented young actress up another rung or two in the Hollywood ladder? Is it a performance that will linger when everyone starts casting their votes this award season.

Who knows? We'll find out when the movie hits theaters on August 9, 2013.