In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s been a bit of a commotion over Amy Schumer’s photo spread in GQ, which features the comedian and actor cheekily posing with Star Wars characters. Lucasfilm has officially — and repeatedly — expressed their disapproval online, while veteran Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is singing a very different tune.

The GQ spread features Schumer in bed, topless with C-3PO and R2-D2, performing Rockette-style kicks in a Princess Leia costume alongside Stormtroopers, and in the most provocative photo of all, she appears in the slave Leia costume, miming fellatio on a lightsaber. Honestly, the photos are funny and fun, and GQ is clearly capitalizing on the popularity of both the Star Wars and Schumer brands.

But Lucasfilm has taken to Twitter to tweet (over and over and over…) that they did not approve of the use of their characters or brand for the GQ shoot, and they are not happy about it:

That’s the same tweet they’ve been sending to pretty much everyone. But given that the GQ photo shoot easily constitutes satire, there’s nothing they can do about it. Lighten up, guys. What’s most strange about it is how much Lucasfilm and Disney have turned the franchise around — fans are genuinely clamoring for The Force Awakens, when just two years ago we still had the crummy taste of the prequels in our mouths. Acting uptight over this photo shoot in GQ is a poor move.

But there’s one person from the Star Wars universe who is happy about it, and that’s Mark Hamill, who is obviously a big fan of Amy Schumer:

I mean, he’s right. Lucasfilm would be super lucky to have Schumer on board any Star Wars project given her intense popularity right now. They should be honored — not affronted — by the GQ spread.

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