What a twist! Just the other day, we were telling you how TV continues to attract more high profile film directors, and shows no signs of stopping. The Wachowskis have begun shopping a mysterious new project, even Guillermo del Toro has a few ideas in the works, so who's the latest? We hope you're stitting down for a twist of this calliber, because M. Night Shyamalan has begun developing a project for NBC...about Moby Dick! Boom, twisted again!

Yes, it seems M. Night Shyamalan has succeeded in twisting us all once more, as Deadline reports the oft-maligned but still successful director has begun work on contemporary drama 'Lost Horizon' for NBC. Working with 'Eagle Eye' writer John Glenn, the project's premise remains mostly top secret, but is described as a "modern-day 'Moby Dick,' dealing with obsession and the unknown, themes that are often reflected in Shyamalan’s movies." Shyamalan will most likely direct the pilot episode.

The series has received a put-pilot commitment from NBC, meaning the network will owe Shyamalan substantial penalties if it ultimately decides not to air at least a first episode. The same is true of Shyamalan's other TV project, Syfy's 'Proof,' written with 'Buffy' vet Marti Noxon.

What do you think? Could Shyamalan make a good fit for TV, given his recent string of box-office bombs? Will the real twist be that Moby Dick and Captain Ahab were the same person all along? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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