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Danny Trejo Calls Out Actors for Doing Their Own Stunts
It was the set video seen around the world: Tom Cruise, leaping between rooftops for a Mission: Impossible 6 stunt, and slamming into the side of the building at high speed. In the weeks since the accident was officially confirmed  —  it turns out that Cruise had broken his ankle in the fall  —  the entire production has been trying to put a positive spin on the news, with director Christopher McQuarrie saying Cruise’s injury actually offered the crew an ‘opportunity’ to tinker a bit with the edit mid-production. Still, the injury shows the downside of Cruise’s legendary attention to detail for movie stunts, and at least one fellow actor had a few unkind words to say about the whole process.
Steve Buscemi Joins 'The Brady Bunch' in Super Bowl Ad
Snickers has really outdone themselves in the WTF department with their ad for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. In their latest commercial featuring the “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” concept, Danny Trejo takes on the role of Marcia Brady, while Steve Buscemi plays the role of Jan, which is rather timely, given the currently popular ‘Brady Bunch’ meme that’s been taking over Tumblr.
'Bad Asses' Trailer: These Are Not Your Typical Old Guys
In the great tradition of films like 'The Last Stand,' 'The Expendables 3,' the 'Red' movies and 'Grudge Match' comes the new 'Bad Asses' trailer, this time showing that Danny Trejo and Danny Glover are not just your run-of-the-mill old geezers who watch TV in tracksuits all day. They're ready to kick some ass.
'Machete 3' Trailer Promises Machete Will Kill Again In Space
If you saw 'Machete Kills' in the theater, chances are you caught a glimpse at the trailer for 'Machete Kills Again ... In Space,' the promised third entry in the 'Machete' trilogy. Unfortunately, this might be all we get of 'Machete 3,' so enjoy it while you can. Since 'Machete Kills' only brought in $14 million at the box office, we might not be getting the Machete space adventure we were all pr
'Machete Kills' Review
'Machete Kills,' Robert Rodriguez's follow-up to 2010's 'Machete,' ditches the grindhouse aesthetic and homage, and instead tries to emulate a late-'80s, early-'90s action flick -- basically, Rodriguez made the kind of movie he often makes. The result is an uninspired, joyless and oft-trashy exercise in self-indulgence. Rodriguez has spent his career making films the way he wants in his own backya

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