In a move no doubt to be parodied by the exact manner in which the character first appeared, and rose to a lead position within the span of a few episodes, it seems 'Mad Men' star Jessica Paré is once again on a swift ride to the top.  After becoming a series regular this season, Paré is already submitting herself for the Lead Actress Emmy, but what does it mean for the show's other women?

Only one year after submitting herself in the guest actress category, reports that relative 'Mad Men' newcomer will square off against series veteran Elisabeth Moss in the next Emmy race for lead actress.  Paré joined 'Mad Men' last year as a new secretary to Don Draper, only to quickly rise through the ranks as an ad woman after the two started a relationship, and ultimately married by the next season.

Paré brings the total of 'Mad Men' actresses running for Emmys to four, with Christina Hendricks and January Jones submitting themselves in the Supporting Actress categories.  Jones had previously run in the Leading category, before her character's exit, as well as Jones real-life pregnancy reduced her screen time.  Competing in the Supporting category also affords less competition in an already crowded race.

Everyone knows 'Mad Men' to be an Emmy magnate what with its four consecutive best drama wins, though interestingly of 19 nominations for acting over the last few years, the show hasn't taken home a single victory.

What say you?  Is Jessica Paré getting too big for her britches, or does the new Mrs. Draper deserve a shot at the gold?  How have you been enjoying the latest season of 'Mad Men?'  Give us your Emmy picks in the comments below!

And, what the hey?  For old times' sake:

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