Well alright, alright, alriiiiii -- wait a minute. Although it was previously confirmed by 'Magic Mike 2' director Greg Jacobs that the entire cast would be returning for the upcoming sequel, it seems that's not quite the case: Matthew McConaughey, who played veteran strip club ringleader Dallas in the first film, will not be making an appearance after all. Commence the booing.

The Playlist sat down for an exclusive interview with Jacobs, who has worked as 'Magic Mike' director Steven Soderbergh's assistant director since he made his debut film, 'King of the Hill,' in 1993. Jacobs confirmed that McConaughey would not be returning for the sequel, which is understandable, given that we are in the midst of the McConaissance, and the actor is in high demand.

Jacobs, who also produces many of Soderbergh's projects and recently premiered his 'Red Oaks' pilot on Amazon, also discussed what we could expect from the sequel, which will feature returning stars Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello -- though he wouldn't confirm who else would might be returning. Jacobs did say that new cast members would be added, and that the film is a "road trip movie."

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