'Maleficent' officially kicked off production yesterday and Disney released an official look at Angelina Jolie as the title character. But now that filming has begun, we've already got photos from the set that show even more of Jolie's look as Maleficent.

The photo above shows Angelina Jolie in full costume, wearing the trademark Maleficent horns, a long, brown robe (should've that be black?) and the staff she uses to place the curse on Aurora, turning her into the Sleeping Beauty.

If you look close too, you'll get a good look at a Teamster's ass.

Jolie wears the look well and, frankly, the horns don't look as ridiculous as we thought they might in a live-action 'Maleficent' film.

What is going on in this photo remains to be seen but other blurrier shots from set show Jolie walking through a field of cattle (the inspiration for her horns?).

I'm sure we'll get plenty of looks at the paparazzi-friendly Jolie as filming continues and hopefully sooner, rather than later, a look at the rest of the cast (including Elle Fanning as Aurora).