If nothing else, 'Maleficent' looks like a grand showcase for Angelina Jolie's ability to vamp it up on screen. The new trailer for Disney's revisionist take on 'Sleeping Beauty' is as gorgeous and mysterious as the rest, giving Jolie plenty of time to shine and ham it up as the title anti-hero.

Of course, a great Jolie performance is pretty much guaranteed whenever she signs onto a role, but what about the rest of the movie? First of all, the new 'Maleficent' trailer looks fantastic from a visual standpoint with fantasy visuals that are on par with something like 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (and significantly better than the muddy atrocity that was 'Alice in Wonderland'). Elsewhere, the footage reveals the truth about the dark fairy -- which is, apparently, that she used to have wings until they were stolen from her -- and the first look at the infamous dragon, though unlike the animated Disney movie, Maleficent's crow will be the one making this transmogrification.

After the back-to-back disasters of 'John Carter' and 'The Lone Ranger,' Disney's live action department really needs a hit. Sure, Maleficent is a beloved character amongst Disneyphiles, but will she be enough of a draw to do 'Pirates of the Caribbean' numbers (which this will undoubtedly need in order to break even)? We're not so sure ... but we surely haven't wrote this one off.

'Maleficent' arrives in theaters on May 30.