Considering 'Man of Steel' is 143 minutes long, we have barely scratched the surface at what is going on in the film, despite two trailers. Today, we have a bunch of new 'Man of Steel' pics that promise a deeper look at the film than ever before including a new look at a character that is bound to have hardcore Superman fans up in arms.

'Man of Steel' is just about a month away and anticipation is at a fever pitch. But unlike 'Iron Man 3' where many people felt that had seen half the movie in trailers, clips and TV spots before the film ever hit theaters, there are still a lot of 'Man of Steel' surprises in store.

One of those surprises is the confirmation below that Clark Kent's longtime pal and Daily Planet colleague Jimmy Olsen has been replaced by Jenny Olsen (played by Rebecca Buller). Jenny is reportedly not a straight genderswap of Jimmy Olsen but instead is described as his sister (but if she's replacing Jimmy in the film, then isn't it essentially just a genderswap?).

But Jenny aside, there are some great images below including a shot of Superman standing on top of a train that has been thrown through a skyscraper. Plus new looks at Jor-El in his suit, Faora and Zod looking like badasses and a new full costume shot of Superman.

'Man of Steel' hits theaters on June 14 and you can get a first look at the new pics below.