The Zack Snyder-reboot of the Superman franchise 'Man of Steel' has been done shooting for a while, so the question has been if it will have a teaser in front of 'The Dark Knight Rises' and will some footage be shown at Comic-Con 2012? The answer appears to be yes and maybe.

The Alberta film board lists the ratings of every film and trailer they see, and they've recently updated their site to show that they've seen the first teaser for 'Man of Steel' and it's G-rated and runs 87 seconds. They also list a teaser for 'Oz: The Great and Powerful', and as that's due in March, so it wouldn't surprise us if Disney wants that trailer attached to 'The Dark Knight Rises' as well. As there was a Batman trailer that accompanied most screenings of 'The Avengers,' this could be the trade-off.

This also suggests that the Legendary panel this weekend at Comic-con should preview the trailer, and possibly (fingers crossed) show off some footage. But there's always a risk with showing footage this early, as many of the major effects shots won't be done until months (or possibly weeks) before the film comes out, and so they may be stuck with dialogue scenes, which don't have a great "wow" factor. And there's always the risk of reshoots and changes: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' showed footage last year that was eventually cut out of the film. The second the 'Man of Steel' trailer turns up on line, you can count on us to post it.