David O. Russell has been quiet about his next big-screen feature, preoccupied with a TV series he’s working on with Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore. But it looks like we won’t have too long to wait to see his name in the multiplex once again, as Mark Wahlberg revealed in a Facebook Live chat earlier today that he was teaming up again with Russell for a biopic about Father Stu.

Actually David O. Russell and I right now are working on developing a script on Father Stu, who was an amazing priest from Helena, Montana. He was a very tough guy who was a fighter, a football player…anything but a spiritual guy. He found his calling, and decided, after falling in love with a woman, that he wanted to become a priest. He suffered from this horrible muscular degenerative disease but was still ordained as a priest and passed away, but not before he was able to inspire thousands upon thousands of people.

Father Stuart Long was a man of the cloth who started out as a football player and wanted to be an actor. He got into boxing for a little while before moving to California to perform in infomercials and comedy clubs, but that career never took off either. He got into a motorcycle accident in Pasadena while returning from work and that’s what set him on a path towards the light. After that, he became a priest who helped the impoverished in New York City and studied philosophy before a terminal illness took his life in 2014.

This project is probably a ways away, as Russell still has his TV series to work on for now. But it’s good to see him and Wahlberg back together and in the biopic game again after their incredible work on The Fighter. For now, you can see Mark Wahlberg on the big screen in Deepwater Horizon, which opens September 30.

You can watch the rest of the Facebook Live chat here: