It's tough to take the place of Steve McQueen, but it looks like Matt Damon's going to try. He's just joined 'The Magnificent Seven' remake alongside Tom Cruise.

The Sun also tells us that Morgan Freeman may be joining the cast as the big villain, while Kevin Costner could be filling in for James Coburn's character Britt. The Sun, however, is a British tabloid and not always reliable, so take this with a grain of salt.

Though it will be interesting to see how Freeman fits into this universe, the premise is so sound that the film (which itself was a remake) has a great foot to stand on. Cruise and Damon would play gunslingers recruited by farmers to protect their village from Freeman's gang of desperadoes. The men find five other professionals to help them ward off the bad guys.

If Costner takes the role, it would be the comeback role that might have been his with 'Django Unchained.' Britt says about a dozen words in the original film, but every one of them is awesome. And with Costner's age, that would play incredibly well.

The idea of Cruise in a western, and his whole comeback has come with mixed feelings, but it sounds like they're going to do the right thing and load this cast with great talents. The idea of seeing Damon fighting alongside Cruise and Costner against Freeman sounds like a lot of fun. We're just worried they'll go to Shia LaBeouf for the role of "The Kid."