Someone light the Batsignal again, it looks like The Batman is in need of another new director. A week after he was tapped to helm Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie, Matt Reeves wants out. He’s exited the talks and is hard at work on post-production on War for the Planet of the Apes.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that there’s a chance negotiations could resume and Reeves could return to the Warner Bros. offices to hash out a new plan “when heads cool,” but, sheesh. Things really aren’t looking great for this movie. This, coupled with a rumor going around that Ben Affleck doesn‘t want anything to do with the movie at all (a rumor that, we should note, hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Warners or Affleck, and that the scooper himself wanted to keep from becoming a big deal – but, I mean, what did he expect?) could be, if not the final nail, certainly one of the last in the coffin of any hope of this film becoming a reality.

There’s a whole lot up in the air right now, and movies are known to make a comeback even after multiple directors exit, but reporting on this project has become, as we in the biz like to say, bonkers as all heck. Thing is, do we really need another Batman movie right now? Especially another dark and gritty version? Funny enough, The LEGO Batman Movie ended up being one of the best Batman movies out there, most entirely because of how fun and exciting it is to watch. Defend the DC Snyderverse all you like, but you can’t call Batman v. Superman fun. Maybe, if The Batman dies, it would be all right.

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