In the upcoming movie 'Magic Mike,' Matthew McConaughey plays a retired stripper who now owns a club that employs the next generation of male dancers that includes Channing Tatum.

But it seems the younger guys aren't the only ones who spend at least part of the movie showing off their naughty bits -- McConaughey also wears his share of revealing outfits.

When Vulture recently asked McConaughey to address the rumors saying he spends part of the film in assless chaps that he himself dreamed up, McConaughey laughed and said, “You got to go check it out in a theater and find out, man. I did design some special pants.”

At 42, Matthew may be older than the rest of the cast, but he's in no less better shape. He's a notorious fitness buff -- scores of paparazzi photos show him shirtless during runs on the beach or after surfing -- so don't expect him to get bashful now.

"Matthew is going to shock people into another world with this movie!" Tatum recently said, adding, "He's going to change [minds] - he was born to play this part! He's incredible in this movie."

As for the costumes, Tatum said, "I think we all sort of wear awesome stuff, but he definitely takes the cake in terms of outfits."

Joe Manganiello, who also appears in 'Magic Mike,' said McConaughey's wardrobe "set the tone for all of us."

"One of the first days filming, he was wearing a yellow Speedo with a halter top," Manganiello recalls. "And I looked at him and was like, 'Man, this is really serious business that we're about to embark on.'"

Ladies (and, of course, gentlemen of a certain persuasion), start your engines -- 'Magic Mike' hits theaters on June 29.