After the surprise success of not only 'Kick Ass' but 'X-Men: First Class,' filmmaker Matthew Vaughn is looking to make a name for himself outside of comic book adapted movies with 'Lexicon.' This isn't just an opportunity for Vaughn to test himself behind the camera but a chance to show everybody what he's really made of as a director.

Deadline reports that Vaughn just recently optioned the rights to the novel 'Lexicon,' written by Max Barry. He plans to not only write it but direct the picture. The story centers on a society where words are the real weapon as they're used by some of the most powerful persuaders out there. However, one of the best members of this organization does the unthinkable: she falls in love.

One of the things that makes 'Lexicon' unique is the fact that Vaughn is not only testing himself with a different genre but put up the money to get this movie made. He must really think this has the potential to be something truly spectacular or else he wouldn't do that.

Could Matthew Vaughn pull it off? He's known for handling a well balanced film diet of comedy and drama, but can he give us a good sci-fi romance movie? Who knows, though surely people's interests will perk up on this again once we find out who he's casting as the female lead.